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Why Choose LifeCare?


Your Care, Your Choice…Choose Lower Cape Fear LifeCare

Although your doctor, family members and friends can all provide suggestions about hospice providers, YOU are the ultimate decision maker in who provides your hospice care. When choosing a hospice provider, you want one that suits your needs, as well as those of your family.

While most hospices are Medicare certified and provide end-of-life care, how they provide that care is different. So are the services, programs, and levels of care and support they provide.

All hospices are not the same. Lower Cape Fear LifeCare is continually expanding its spectrum of support and life care to meet our community’s changing healthcare needs.

Lower Cape Fear LifeCare’s hospice care meets or exceeds the national average in all eight categories on a national caregivers’ survey. Following are the scores based on responses from family members.

National Caregiver's
Survey Scores
Lower Cape Fear HospiceAmedisys
Hospice Care
Home Care
& Hospice
Home Care
Communication with the family81%85%85%81%83%
Getting timely help77%83%78%77%77%
Treating patient with respect90%93%92%90%91%
Help for pain & symtoms75%79%73%74%77%
Training family to care for patient75%80%76%74%78%
Rating of this hospice81%87%82%79%81%
Willing to recommend this hospice84%90%88%80%84% Care Compares – most recently published data.

See more hospice provider comparisons at Medicare’s Hospice Compare. (Due to our recent name change, please search for our former name: Lower Cape Fear Hospice)

Be informed. Know your options for care.

As the area’s longest operating nonprofit hospice, more than 6,000 families each year trust us with their care. We have built a solid reputation in our community for providing compassionate care and comfort that treats each patient with dignity and respect, and provides much needed support to their families. No patient is ever refused care based on their ability to pay.

You and your family can expect:

  • Lower Cape Fear LifeCare is the only area hospice that has full-time physicians on staff. Many of our clinical staff members (physicians, nurses, and aides) have earned their certification in hospice and palliative care. This certification stands as their commitment to providing you and your family the highest level of expert care.

Let us be a resource for you.

Our team can assess your care needs and help coordinate admission with your doctor. Call 800-207-6908 to learn more.


“Each person in our hospice team acted professionally and courteously. They were informative and lovingly cared for my sister. They were concerned about my emotional state and supported my religious beliefs. I’m so glad Lower Cape Fear LifeCare was involved. Thank you so much!”

Sister of Patient

Quality Counts

Lower Cape Fear LifeCare meets or exceeds the national average in all eight categories, as rated by caregivers on a hospice quality survey.

Don’t Wait

Only 10% of our patients take advantage of the full Medicare hospice benefit which includes ALL medical care, medications, equipment and visits related to diagnosis.

To find out if you or someone you love qualifies for hospice, call 800.733.1476 or fill out the below form:




Lower Cape Fear LifeCare is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing access to the highest quality LifeCare, education, and supportive services to our patients, their families, and the communities we serve.


Hospice Honors

United Way

On January 1, 2020, Lower Cape Fear Hospice formally changed its name to Lower Cape Fear LifeCare to better represent the spectrum of care and support they provide those in our community.