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I Remember Mama


I Remember Mama – Mother’s Day 2021

When I was a young girl, my mother and I enjoyed watching old movies together. There was one in particular we would watch just about every Mother’s Day as some television station would be sure to play it on that particular day. It was a 1948 movie starring Irene Dunne (one of mom’s favorites), “I Remember Mama.”

The story revolved around a Norwegian immigrant family living in San Francisco during the early 1900’s. Mama was the center of the family’s world and would do anything to ensure her children’s happiness and well-being. Together, they faced life’s tragedies, triumphs, and everyday moments that make up life as a family.

Looking back, I can easily find Mama’s selflessness and thoughtfulness in my own mother.

I remember how she would write a letter and send it to me at summer camp on the very day I left so that I would have mail already on the way to let me know she missed me. I remember how she would stay up late after grading her students’ papers to make me whatever one-of-a-kind garment I wanted to wear to a dance, special occasion, or for an event at school. I remember how she would tighten the household budget in other areas so that I could still have piano and art lessons outside of school.

I remember.

I also remember when our family was introduced to Lower Cape Fear LifeCare. It was July 3, 2009. Dad’s cancer had returned after him having been cancer-free for eight years. The radiation his oncologist suggested had no effect and the cancer was everywhere. It was time for hospice care. He was 84.

I became his hospice family caregiver. I tried to put his mind at ease and promised him that I would always take care of my mother. He died at home, peacefully, with me lying next to him, whispering “I love you” in his ear as he took his last breath.

The care and support our family received during that time changed my life. Although I am not a nurse, I was certain there was some way my talents could be used to help other families receive the same type of care and support we did. I wanted to make a difference.

It took five years and several job applications, but I finally landed a job at Lower Cape Fear LifeCare. Today, I have been with the nonprofit for almost seven years. I am also a caregiver to my mom who recently turned 94.

As we both age and I am faced with life’s inevitable every day, I wish for the same peaceful end to her life’s journey that my dad had. I wish the same for all those I love and for myself.  I wish that for everyone’s Mama, father, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, children…you get the picture.

Your support ensures that everyone in our community has access to hospice care. That no one is ever refused the care and support they need based on their ability to pay.

You can make a difference with your gift to support individuals and families in our community living with a serious or life-limiting illness.

Will you please consider giving a gift this Mother’s Day to remember and honor your Mama? To make sure that all the mothers in our community have access to the care and support they may need when they need it most?

With warmest affection,
Sally Shepherd, Lower Cape Fear LifeCare
Hospice Family Member, Team Member, and Donor

P.S. I highly recommend watching “I Remember Mama” this Mother’s Day with a special woman in your life– it’s available on several streaming platforms. Some popcorn with extra butter wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

P.S.S. Giving is easy and means peace of mind to families in need of care who don’t have a reimbursement source.

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