Music for Solace

Threshold Singers International recently released a recording of music by the Westside Threshold Singers. This recording was shared with us thanks to our friends the Long Bay Threshold Singers. The songs offer peace and solace.

The Long Bay Threshold Singers visit many of our hospice patients and families, in South Carolina, providing beautiful, a capella singing for them in their homes. These families express a great deal of gratitude to the group for visiting and sharing this peaceful and calming music filled with love. It is specially written and performed for those at end of life.

This group began on California and has since spread to communities around the world including the Long Bay group out of Myrtle Beach. The group was featured on PBS in this short documentary about the group, its members and their music.

Thank you to the Long Bay Threshold Choir, Threshold Choir International, and Westside Threshold Choir for sharing their music with us to make it available to our patients, their families and our community at this time.